The World To Rights blog is by David Bull CBE.DB CBE pic cropped

As the home page says, it is “A blog on international development, human rights, leadership, charity and generally making the world a better place”.

I have spent a rewarding career working for the environment, education, human rights and international development, including 32 years as a Chief Executive of a number of wonderful voluntary sector organisations, most recently as Executive Director of Unicef UK and previously as Director of Amnesty International UK.

I have now moved to the next phase of my life and career, retiring from my full time CEO role to take on a variety of activities – a “second curve” in the words of Charles Handy (or perhaps a third or fourth in my case, but certainly a new beginning).

One element of my “portfolio” will be this blog where I will share my thoughts and ideas and generally put the world to rights.  I hope you’ll join me and I look forward to the conversation.

I have also joined two great charities as a Trustee. Please check them out and give them your support if you are able: United Purpose (formerly Concern Universal) works with grassroots communities to help them lift themselves UP out of poverty (http://united-purpose.org/ for more information). Power of Nutrition is a catalytic and innovative means of contributing at scale to the elimination of childhood undernutrition, especially stunting, in the worst affected coutries (http://www.powerofnutrition.org/).

If you need help or advice on leadership, strategy, organisational culture or help in addressing any challenges in the social purpose arena, I may be able to help as a mentor or consultant – please contact me.

Please follow the blog. I am aiming to post something new once a month, and more often when I can. You can also follow me on twitter @davidnbull